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Receptionist/Kennel Attendant


Hi! My name is Natasha. I've been working for Boulevard Pet Hospital for over 16 years. I started here while in high school and continued working as a kennel attendant and receptionist while going to Fresno State where I got my degree in Bachelors in Animal Science. I am awaiting the opportunity to attend veterinary school with my ultimate goal of becoming a veterinarian.

I enjoy working with the animals as well as the clients. I also get great satisfaction helping with the rescue animals, finding new homes and meeting with their new families.

One of my passions is swine medicine and when we had 3 rescued pigs here at the hospital I was able to use some of the skills I learned at school.

Working at Boulevard has brought joy and meaning to my life.



Kennel Attendant


I started at Boulevard Pet Hospital in 2011 as a teenager.  Through the years my compassion for animals has increased as well as my caretaking skills.

I also contribute by translating for our Spanish speaking clients as I am bilingual.

A special relationship with Dr. Schwartz has developed and e's not only my mentor but a friend.

Currently I'm attending San Jose City College where my ultimate goal it to become an electrical engineer.  



Kennel Attendant

I'm the newest member of the staff, I started working here early 2016. I have always loved animals and I'm very happy to finally work in a field where my passions can be of some use. I'm at a crossroads in my life and trying to decide whether I should take everything I've learned  here and become a vet tech or pursue my other passion of stage acting.

I recently adopted a toy poodle from our rescue who  has only 3 legs but can do everything a 4 legged dog can do! He is indeed very special



Receptionist/Kennel Attendant


My name is Josh a Customer Care Specialist with Boulevard Pet Hospital. In this role, I  work 1 on 1 with patients and clients all aspects of customer service, including booking appointments, follow ups and assisting Dr. Schwartz in exams.

Without the support and guidance from Loree and Dr. Schwartz, I wouldn't be who I am today. Here at Boulevard Pet Hospital, I enjoy the hands-on training and education provided by the Dr. Schwartz, Dr. Rusher and staff. 

 I have been with Boulevard Pet Hospital for 3 years now and have had the opportunity to work with the rescue group Toy Breed Rescue. My most memorable and emotional moment was personally filming and editing a pig rescue with Toy Breed Rescue and Nor Cal Animal Rescue Friends.

I have since adopted 2 amazing dogs a little Yorkie "Benji" and a cute Pomeranian puppy "Dori" who have a love-hate relationship. 

My passion in life is music and I have been able to share my talent with staff and clients.  What I love most about Boulevard Pet Hospital is that I am given the opportunity to be myself.

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