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Meet The Staff


Veterinary Technician

It is a pleasure to work with Dr. Schwartz, Loree Schwartz, Dr. Rusher and my Animal Care Team. I have observed first hand the quality of care and treatment Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Rusher provide to their patients. Dr. Schwartz is a man who has truly found his calling in life. Not a day goes by where I have not seen him stop and take a moment out of his busy day to cuddle and sweet talk with one of his furry patients or take the time to sit and talk with his clients about their pets welfare. Dr. Rusher is no exception, she is always willing to go the extra mile for her clients and their pets needs. She leaves no question unanswered. She goes even one step further for the dogs that have been rescued by Loree Schwartz.

With the medical and surgical skills of Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Rusher, Loree ensures her rescue dogs get placed to their new forever home happy and healthy. Our staff, at Boulevard Pet Hospital, has had the opportunity to care for many of the dogs she has rescued. I have seen and felt the compassion and good will my Animal Care providers have given and found in caring for these little animals in need.

I own three dogs and two I adopted from rescue. Stevie is a special needs Shih Tzu who is blind. He has a crooked little nose which adds to his charm. He uses that crooked sniffer of his to help guide him by scent to where he wants to go. Also, Spike, a 2 and 1/2 pound Pomeranian, who came to rescue with severe eye problems, which required eye surgery. I later discovered he is also deaf. However, you would not know it because he makes the best little watch dog ever. He somehow has the keen sense to know when someone is at our door even before they can ring our doorbell. Then, there is my good pal Willy, my miniature Pinscher. He is the one who never leaves my side. The one who waits to greet meet at the door after a long rewarding day from work.


Hospital Administator

Loree Levy-Schwartz was born in Manhattan, New York where she attended Hunter College and then moved to San Jose, California, finishing her management degree locally.

Loree began working at Boulevard Pet Hospital in 1983 and has been managing the hospital ever since. She has written employee manuals and job descriptions. She does the inventory control and ordering. She also is the hospital administrator.

Loree started rescuing dogs in 1978 and places between 150 and 200 dogs each year through her Toy Breed Rescue and Bay Area Shih Tzu Rescue. She is also the chairman for the American Shih Tzu Club's rescue and the Golden Gate Shih Tzu Fanciers. Loree has been on the Animal Advisory Commission for Santa Clara County and on the Animal Advisory Committee for the City of San Jose.

As stated in Dr. Schwartz's biography, the Foundation they have started is her passion and is currently working on grant writing and fundraising.

Loree and Monte enjoy their pets that include their dogs, a Persian cat, 4 parrots and 2 Chinchillas. All of these pets were rescued animals. In addition, both love to travel and have visited thirty-one countries so far. 


Since the passing in 2017 of Dr. Schwartz; Loree continues to live out their mission of veterinary care, rescuing animals and travel.

Dr. Rusher


After graduating from Colorado State University, I developed an interest in Shelter Medicine. Working in humane societies and local animal shelters, I understand the hardships that many of our unwanted animals face. I started to work at Boulevard Pet Hospital over 20 years ago. Dr. Schwartz and his wife, Loree, have a real love for our companion animals. Dr. Schwartz was like a "country doctor" giving the sick and injured animals love and comfort. Loree, his wife, is very active in animal rescue and has saved many lives. Working at Boulevard Pet Hospital has allowed me to use my veterinarian skills to help shelter animals to get second chance.

When I am not working at Boulevard Pet Hospital, I like to backpack in the mountains in the spring and summer and dog sled in the winter. Other activities include knitting, drawing, photograph, traveling and spending time with my family (Bruce, 2 sons, 3 dogs, 2 cats and 12 Koi).

Dr. Russell Kreigel


coming soon!

Dr. M B Schwartz


(In Memoriam)

Dr. M. B. Schwartz was born in Denver, Colorado where he graduated with his D.V.M. degree from Colorado State University. He was once the veterinarian for the stars' animals in the Hollywood area before moving to the Bay Area, where he built Boulevard Pet Hospital in 1971.

Dr. Schwartz provides his patients with quality veterinary care by attending continuing education seminars, as well as having state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, including a blood analyzer, oxygen recovery unit, heated surgery tables and more. He firmly believes that preventative medicine is essential. He is a member of the AVMA, CVMA and his hospital is AAHA affiliated.

Dr. Schwartz decided with his wife, Loree, to form a nonprofit organization that will provide future veterinarians and animal welfare groups with scholarships and grants as their way of giving back. Both are dedicated to education, as well as animal welfare. The Foundation is called The Schwartz Family Veterinary Scholarship and Animal Welfare Foundation.

If you peek into his office, you will often see a dog or cat curled up in his lap as he sits and pets them, while doing his computer work! A modest man who does not welcome fanfare, he treasures the licks and snuggles of the animals.

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